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CryptoLocker Threat and Response

A new computer malware program called CryptoLocker is spreading across campus. Several individuals' computers and even some college share drives have been attacked. The program will make all of your files inaccessible and ask for a ransom to access them again. CryptoLocker disguises itself as a pdf or zip file attached to an email. When the [...]

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Tragedy of the Commons

A recent ECAR report cites a tragedy of the commons playing out in the ether of university wireless networks. It seems that the number of "Internet capable devices" is increasing at a steep rate among campus humanoids, most sharply among students. In fact, the prediction is that there will be four devices per student on [...]

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The Mobile Quandry

Like many of my colleagues in higher education, I’m struggling to get my head around this mobile thingy. […]

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The Four C’s

One of the smartest administrators I know has a saying that he applies to the work we do in Student Affairs. "Anything good we do will require Collaboration, Cooperation, Coordination, and Communication." The Four C's, as they are known, have become a mantra for professionals in our division. While we don't always succeed in implementing [...]

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