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EmpowerID Service to Be Retired

The EmpowerID service will be retired on May 1, 2015 which means you will need to use other preferred methods to reset and change passwords.  For password resets, most users are contacting the DoIT Service Desk and moving forward this will be the preferred method to reset a forgotten password. For password changes, the best [...]

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New IT Site

Central IT recently launched a new IT site ( This is a complete redesign of the old AVPIT suite of sites into a clean, slick, visually appealing, completely responsive website, designed with usability in mind. The communications team really outdid themselves with this one.  I especially like the Services "A to Z" link which allows [...]

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Humans Need Not Apply

This is a very intriguing video about the consequences of smarter and more numerous robots. The end of the video, where the author outlines an argument for those industries which will be hit the hardest, is scary.

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ServiceNow – Early Assessment

In January, Information Technology switched to ServiceNow, an IT service management platform that is widely considered to be one of the best in the world. ServiceNow is currently used to support our incident management process (e.g., tickets) and service management (e.g., ordering, accounts, software). In the future, ServiceNow can support virtually all of the things [...]

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