The Division of Student Affairs uses an IT Governance Council (ITG) to review and vet all work and project requests. The ITG is made up of six non-IT professionals selected from the Division community based upon their broad experiences. The seventh member of the ITG is the Director for Information Technology who also serves as the Council Chair.

The role of the ITG is to provide recommendations for the prioritization, acquisition, and communication of IT related projects and investments. This responsibility is balanced with the role of the Director for Information Technology who is responsible for the implementation and maintenance of IT work. Members of the ITG do not represent their departments per se, but rather the interests of the Division as a whole. This includes balancing the prioritization of department scoped requests with those affecting the Division as a whole.

Current Members of the IT Governance Council

  • Jennifer Boyle – Student Activities
  • Amanda Cagle – University Arts and Galleries
  • Michael Krenz – Residence Life
  • Stephen Senkel – University Center and Special Events
  • Byron Stebbins – Office of the Commandant
  • David Sweeney – Information Technology
  • Paul Sykes – Music Activities

 Other IT Governance Resources