October 2013

Tragedy of the Commons

A recent ECAR report cites a tragedy of the commons playing out in the ether of university wireless networks. It seems that the number of "Internet capable devices" is increasing at a steep rate among [...]

The Mobile Quandry

Like many of my colleagues in higher education, I’m struggling to get my head around this mobile thingy. […]

The Four C’s

One of the smartest administrators I know has a saying that he applies to the work we do in Student Affairs. "Anything good we do will require Collaboration, Cooperation, Coordination, and Communication." The Four C's, [...]

July 2013

Serving Students in Crisis

In a crowd of 50,000 students, there’s always someone experiencing an unexpected turn of events.  Car accidents, apartment fires, sexual assaults, hospitalizations, and other types of unplanned events can severely disrupt a student’s ability to [...]

Office365 vs. Google Apps

Our journey to the cloud may be approaching quicker than we think. Recently, TAMU has launched two pilot projects to examine the feasibility of moving all university email  to a cloud-based service. The two leading [...]

May 2013

Student Research Week

Aggie students do great real-world research.  Student Research Week (SRW) showcases some of this outstanding work with competition and special speakers.  In its 15th year, this annual endeavor is a collaborative effort between academic and [...]