May 2013

Housing Assignments

How do you assign more than 7750 students into less than 7450 residential spaces? That question gets much more complicated when you have to consider each student’s application date, gender, age, eligibility for participation in [...]

The Mobile Strategy “Gold Standard”

When the Mobile Strategy Task Force at the University of Texas issued their recommendations last December, they compared themselves with 30 peer institutions.  They placed themselves in the bottom three of existing commitment to mobile [...]

Are your IT needs “unique”?

I had to chuckle as I read this cartoon from Tony Dunn's blog RedesignLand.   View the Whole Cartoon Heheheh.  

Tablet Shoot Out

Over the last year, DoIT staff have been testing a variety of tablet devices for ease of use and functionality. Among the devices we have actively tested are the iPad2, iPad mini, HP Envy, HP [...]

March 2013

Windows 8 Preview

Your friendly IT folks have been feverishly testing Windows 8, the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system. Although we can’t say that it is a desktop operating system. Windows 8 was designed with mobile in mind. […]