Theme 1: ITSM Framework

/Theme 1: ITSM Framework
Theme 1: ITSM Framework 2018-01-26T15:19:02+00:00

Theme Champion: Anthony Schneider

Team Members: Ariane Bradford, Devang Mehta, Callan Christensen


Develop and implement an IT Service Management strategy and framework.

IT service management (ITSM) is being widely adopted as the best practice solution to offering IT services. DOIT’s philosophy is to leverage the ITIL framework to align its business processes with ITSM philosophies. DoIT should develop a strategy and a plan to continue its alignment with ITSM philosophies.


1.1 Develop an ITSM adoption strategy and roadmap
1.2 Departmental adoption of the Service Catalog
1.3 Formalize ITSM processes
1.4 Formalize Application SDLC


1.1.1 Develop and document an ITSM strategy and roadmap formalized process adoption. – Done
1.2.1 Create a service catalog application and populate the catalog with currently offered services. – Done
1.3.1 Formalize, document, and implement a change management process broadening the scope to include processes, quality documents, and apps team SDLC output. – 50% complete
1.3.2 Formalize, document, and implement an incident management process and assign a process manager. – Done
1.3.3 Formalize, document, and implement a problem management process and assign a process manager.  – Done
1.3.4 Formalize, document, and implement a request fulfillment process and assign a process manager. – Started
1.3.5 Formalize, document, and implement an access management process and assign a process manager. – Not Scheduled
1.4.1 Formalize, document, and implement a SDLC process formalizing the deployment of release packages. – Not Scheduled
1.4.2 Create a roadmap of the technologies needed to bring all custom developed software into the SDLC. – Started
1.4.3 Implement a build server. – Done