Theme 10: University IT Landscape

/Theme 10: University IT Landscape
Theme 10: University IT Landscape 2018-01-26T15:19:01+00:00

Theme Champion: David Sweeney

Team Members: Chrissy Cordray


Review and adapt to the changing university IT environment. Identify and strengthen DoIT’s role as a stakeholder in university IT issues

Great change in IT is happening at Texas A&M University. A number of assessments have recommended organizational and functional changes in how IT is provided to the university community. DoIT must understand and adapt to these changes. In so doing, DoIT should become involved at multiple levels and position themselves as thought leaders in the IT service dialog. Objectives and tasks for this theme focus on increasing the involvement of DoIT in the campus IT discussion.


10.1 Identify and catalog the scope of campus IT involvment of department personnel
10.2 Communicate engagement opportunities to the staff
10.3 Insure representation on all major university or system IT intiatives
10.4 Identify and liaise with other IT organizations
10.5 Re-evaluate theme strategy in 12 months


10.1.1 Collect and publish a list of all current DoIT personnel committee assignments at the university level. – Done
10.2.1 Communicate to staff opportunities for new committee assignments as they arise. This task will be accomplished when a standing item to review opportunities is added to the department meeting agenda. – Complete
10.3.1 Collect and publish a list of all university and system IT initiatives currently in process. – Done
10.3.2 Secure DoIT representation on all major university and system IT committees. – Done
10.3.3 Routinely communicate committee actions to department through distribution of minutes and summary of important points. – Done
10.4.1 Identify other IT organizations on campus of sufficient size to warrant routine meetings.  – Done
10.4.2 Identify DoIT personnel to liaise with other IT organizations and the frequency with which such meetings will take place. Due: 9/30/15
10.4.3 Implement IT liaison visits. Due: 12/31/2015
10.5.1 Review theme strategy and adjust as necessary. Due: 5/31/2015