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Last Updated  9/22/2015.

Theme Champion: Justin Ellison

Team Members: David Swanson, Carl Ivey, Jenny Wang, Wayne Zimmerman


Accurately assess current IT services, determining what services are common to most DSA customers as well as how they align with the DSA and DoIT strategic plans.  Build a comprehensive enterprise technology and application roadmap, which can assist with future service selections.


2.1 Identify services common and required for all customers

[CPR 3.2] 2.2 Develop and communicate enterprise technology roadmap [CPR 4.2] 2.3 Develop and communicate legacy application roadmap [CPR 4.1] 2.4 Create vendor selection criteria based on enterprise roadmap [CPR 3.3]


2.1.1 Examine existing DSAnet Portfolio (Services) and determine each services’ Service Lifecycle and Service Position. – Complete
2.1.2 Determine criteria for “Core Services” and compare against DSAnet Portfolio.  Due: 10/31/2014 – 90% Complete
2.1.3 Document “Core Services” and report to Strategic Themes committee.  Due: 11/30/2014

2.2.1 Examine the Core Services as well as services that are “Current” in their Service Lifecycle and determine what enterprise technology is required to support them.  Due: TBD
2.2.2 Examine any enterprise technology being implemented and determine what servcies they can support.  Due: TBD
2.2.3 Examine the services that are “Legacy – Needs Technology Refresh” in their Service Lifecycle and determine if they can be supported by the other current technology, technology being implemented, or if other technology is required.  Due: TBD
2.2.4 Document the enterprise technology required to support Core Services, Current Services and Legacy Services needing a refresh and report to Strategic Themes committee.  Due: TBD
2.2.5 Formalize the enterprise technology roadmap and participate in the project planning process.  Due: TBD

2.3.1 Working with IT Project Managment, determine the TCO, benefit, complexity, etc. of each legacy application and assign a priority to address.  Due: TBD
2.3.2 Formalize the legacy application roadmap and participate in the project planning process.  Due: TBD

2.4.1 Based on the enterprise technology roadmap, prepare criteria for ITG to use in the selection of future IT services.  Due: TBD


  • Number of enterprise technologies required to support IT Services. ~ Are we able to reduce the number? [Sample semiannually]
  • Number of IT Services.  ~ Are we able to reduce the number of services by eliminating or combining services? [Sample semiannually]
  • Roadmap adherance.  ~ How well are we following the roadmaps? [Sample semiannually]
  • Are services criteria being followed by ITG? [Sample monthly – after each ITG meeting]


  • A core service is a customer facing service used by multiple or all DSA departments, incurs little to no additional up-front costs to add additional departments, has reasonable long term support costs, and is compatible with the enterprise technology roadmap.