Theme 3: HR Development

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This theme is on hold pending System IT Career Ladder Changes

Theme Champion: Cameron Baker
Team Members: Michael Brodigan, Vicki Parker, Nick Swanzy


Evaluate HR Initiatives & Structure (Career Development, Training Development, Organization Development)

Great change in IT is happening at Texas A&M University. A number of assessments have recommended organizational and functional changes in how IT is provided to the university community. DoIT must understand and adapt to these changes. In order to meet these changes head on, DoIT will be reviewing and updating its HR objectives. Objectives and tasks for this theme focus on increasing the functionality, capacity, and shared knowledge of its staff and students workers.


3.1 Evaluate and Recommend Team Reorganization

  • Shared Knowledge Report – 15% complete
  • Capacity Management Evaluation Report – 20% complete

3.2 Consider and Identify New Roles/Positions for DoIT

  • New Role Evaluation Report – on hold

3.3 Review Current Career Ladder Limitations

  • IT Career Ladder Gap Fit Analysis – on hold

3.4 Refine and Standardize Student Worker Coaching

  • Establish Student Worker Training/Development Program – done


3.1.1 – Documentation of Team Processes – 10% complete

3.1.2 – Documentation of Shared Roles – 10% complete

3.2.1 – Identify IT titles for each team – inquire with Vicki Parker – 50% complete

3.2.2 – Identify what job roles are missing from each team that could be in a new job role – 0% complete

3.3.1 – Have David Sweeney inquire with VPSA about ability to use advanced CIS career ladders – 0% complete

3.4.1 – Identify technical coaching opportunities – done – Discuss with previous student workers about their experiences with job coaching

3.4.2 – Identify professional mentoring opportunities – done

Moved to Theme 5

3.5 Liaison Training

Establish Liaison Training Curriculum[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]