Theme 9: IT Governance Process

/Theme 9: IT Governance Process
Theme 9: IT Governance Process 2018-01-26T15:19:01+00:00

Theme Champion: Anthony Schneider

Team Members: Carl Ivey, David Sweeney, Chrissie Cordray


Develop and implement a strategic process for IT Governance

Elevate the IT governance committee’s scope and authority to provide more direction on IT resource utilization with respect to supporting division business processes. Provide IT governance with appropriate processes, tooling, and reports make more informed, aligned decisions on the use of IT resources. Provide better transparency and clarification to departments and DoIT staff on IT governance processes. Develop a communication model to better communicate with Student Affairs regarding projects to be scheduled, prioritized, and ranked.


1.1 Create and define ITG supporting processes
1.2 Define ITG member on-boarding process
1.3 Evaluate Charter Direction and Strategy
1.4 Communicate ITG policy and process to Division


1.1.1 Document request process – 75% Complete

  • Chrissie and Anthony alter attached doc – flowchart
  • Ranking needs to be redone
  • Rubric – needs to be redone

1.1.2 Project scheduling process – 80% Complete

  • Chrissie and Anthony – communication plan

1.1.3  Reporting on DoIT capacity and resource utilization  – – 90% Complete

  • Project Planning Cycle – managers will bring their resource allocation to each quarterly planning cycle.  Trends will be looked at over time to determine what has changed with resources. – Figure out template (maybe Justin’s) – Kirk

1.2.1 Document ITG Member on-boarding process. (Include training on project request process, project scheduling process, DOIT Scope of work)  – Complete

  • David S.
  • ITG roles on Gov.

1.3.1 Review current charter – Complete

  • Review individually, come back with your ideas..
  • Anthony – finished

1.3.2 Review Governance models and frameworks– Complete

  • Alignment with division goals (roadmaps) – flowchart – transparency in scheduling. – Chrissie and David
  • Are we aligning with the various models ITIL, etc…? – Kirk
  • ITG Chair – Division Busines – Write up doc (Charter) – David S
  • David Sweeney – ITG  Member – Write up Doc (Charter) – David S

1.3.3 Revise ITG Charter taking into consideration, DOIT scope of work, membership / representation, leadership alignment, subcommittee authority – TBD

1.4.1 Create a communication plan for Division – In progress

  • Anthony and Chrissie

1.4.2 Execute communication plan – TBD

  • David S and Chrissie