Two-Factor Authentication

//Two-Factor Authentication

Examples of account compromises are on the rise. Weak passwords are one culprit. Phishing (social engineering) scams are also rampant. Even programs such as key loggers which record the keystrokes you type and then relay the information to a third party who extracts out the resource and credentials are common.

In this day and age, you should do everything you can to protect your credentials and therefore your data. Strong passwords help. Another way, which is becoming more common, is two-factor authentication. This method uses your existing credentials to login, but also requires you click a button or enter a random code from your mobile device to proceed. This mechanism is highly secure and can prevent almost all types of account compromises.

TAMU has implemented Duo two-factor security for your NetID. You can checkout and enroll in the NetID two-factor authentication program by visiting and following the instructions. Note that you MUST have a two-factor-enabled mobile device with you to logon to any service that uses your NetID.

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