Current Priorities

After an annual cycle of working on these themes, the department has strategically chosen to focus on four of the following themes for the 2016 fiscal year:

  1. Theme 1: Develop & Implement ITSM Framework
  2. Theme 2: Identify & Establish Core Technology and Services
  3. Theme 8: Assess Quality & Reach of Service
  4. Theme 9: Review ITG Project Prioritization and Ranking Process

Theme Champions

A Theme Champion;
  • Oversees the theme and works with teams to coordinate efforts
  • Develops a schedule for theme tasks in consultation with team managers
  • Informs, publicizes and markets the key aspects of the theme both internally and externally as appropriate
  • Reports theme status to senior management
  • Coordinates support of theme tasks upon completion

The following lists CPR theme champions.

Theme 1: Develop & Implement ITSM Framework  – In Progress
Champion: Anthony Schneider
Team Members: Ariane Bradford, Devang Mehta, Callan Christensen

Theme 2: Identify & Establish Core Technology & Services  – In Progress
Champion: Justin Ellison
Team Members: David Swanson, Carl Ivey, Jenny Wang, Wayne Zimmerman

Theme 3: Evaluate HR Initiatives & Structure (Career Development, Training Development, Organization Development)  – Postponed until the new System IT Career Ladder is published
Champion: Cameron Baker
Team Members: Nick Swanzy, Vicki Parker, Michael Brodigan

Theme 4: Communicate IT Information & Direction  – In Progress
Champion: David Swanson
Team Members: Vicki Parker, Naiyu Zhang, Chrissie Cordray

Theme 5: Facilitate External Communications  – In Progress
Champion: Anthony Schneider
Team Members:  Chandler Melton, Justin Ellison

Theme 6: Research Funding Models for VPSA to Review – Delayed
Champion: David Sweeney
Team Members: Anthony Schneider, Chrissie Cordray, Vicki Parker

Theme 7: Communicate with Staff – Value Input & Plan Accordingly  – In Progress
Champion: David Sweeney, Anthony Schneider
Team Members:

Theme 8: Assess Quality & Reach of Service  – In Progress
Champion: Jenny Wang
Team Members: Will Booth, Ed Cho, David Sweeney, Anthony Schneider

Theme 9: Review Broad ITg Process  – In Progress
Champion: Anthony Schneider
Team Members: , David Sweeney, Chrissie Cordray, Carl Ivey

Theme 10: Review & Adapt to Changing IT University IT Landscape  – In Progress
Champion: David Sweeney
Team Members: Chrissie Cordray