Division of Student Affairs (DSA) workstations utilize Spirion software (formerly called Identity Finder) to scan for protected information (e.g., Social Security numbers) in accordance with the TAMU IT Policy Control Catalog.

Scans are scheduled to run automatically at the beginning of every month, within the first 10 business days, beginning at noon.

Please remain logged into your computer during the scan, and keep Outlook open. While the scan is running, you may continue to work. Lock the screen if you are leaving your office while the scan is running.  Upon successful completion of the scan, your computer may display a window containing your results.  If you are presented with this window, please take several minutes to review your results and address any documents that may contain social security numbers by redacting those numbers or deleting the file.

A video detailing how to use Spirion is located here. If you have any questions or need help, please contact the DoIT Service Desk.