Theme 8: Quality of Service

/Theme 8: Quality of Service
Theme 8: Quality of Service2015-09-22T23:41:11+00:00

Theme Champion: Jenny Wang

Team Members: Ed Cho, Will Booth, David Sweeney, Anthony Schenider


Create an effective assessment and evaluation process to provide Student Affairs departments and DoIT the qualitative and quantitative feedback of the effectiveness of the services provided by DoIT. The assessment results will be used to improve customer satisfaction.


8.1 Formally assess and evaluate customer satisfaction with DoIT provided services [CPR 6.1]

8.2 Assess, evaluate, and publish the service delivery metrics [CPR 6.2]



8.1.1 Create, conduct, and analyze a custom satisfaction survey for DoIT custom applications – Done

8.1.2 Create, conduct, and analyze a customer satisfaction survey for DoIT service desk – 30% Complete

8.1.3 Schedule regular surveys – Done

8.2.1. Identify service delivery metrics for responsible teams – 50% Complete

8.2.2 Compile service delivery metrics results – 0% Complete

8.2.3 Publish results on the DoIT website or Intranet as appropriate – 0% Complete

Service Delivery Metrics

Service Desk Tickets — Service Desk, semiannually (6/30, 12/30)

Systems up-time and outages — Systems, semiannually (6/30, 12/30)

Project completion deadlines met — PM, semiannually (6/30, 12/30)


Cost per FTE (move to Theme 6)

Cost and benefit analysis (move to Theme 6)