DoIT Update Calendar

DoIT regularly updates DSA workstations as well as IT infrastructure and services to maintain a secure and dependable environment.

DSA Workstations are updated and rebooted typically on the fourth weekend of every month (outside DSA business hours) but may be done on any weekend. If there is an emergency update released by a vendor, it is possible for updates to occur during the week but they would be announced if at all possible.

Note: Users should save their work and log off of their workstations (leaving them powered on) at the end of the work week and on weekends. The update process will reboot workstations.

IT Infrastructure & Services are updated during standing maintenance windows, which are the first and third Sundays of every month between 12:00AM (midnight) and 12:00PM (noon) CST. During these standing maintenance windows some IT services may not be available, though typically only for a portion of the window. For more significant or prolonged maintenance during these windows, or for maintenance scheduled outside of these windows, DoIT would normally communicate with the impacted users or the entire division.

If you experience any issues with workstations or IT services outside these scheduled windows, please contact the DoIT Service Desk.