Cybersecurity Panel Provides Good Insights

DoIT recently sponsored an event for Cybersecurity Month in cooperation with the Brazos Valley Project Manager's Institute and the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) - a panel of local experts who talked about how got into a career in cybersecurity. Scott Smith from BTU actually started off playing baseball, while Jose Quintana got into cybersecurity at [...]

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Two-Factor Authentication

Examples of account compromises are on the rise. Weak passwords are one culprit. Phishing (social engineering) scams are also rampant. Even programs such as key loggers which record the keystrokes you type and then relay the information to a third party who extracts out the resource and credentials are common. In this day and age, [...]

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When Outsourcing Goes Wrong

Recently, we helped one of our departments (who shall remain nameless) identify an external vendor to help them with a website design. We were in the middle of an active development cycle and didn't have time to do the project for them. And so we were acting in the capacity of a consultant, whose responsibility [...]

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Storied Past Meets New Technology

There's a great new service offered by TAMU Libraries. They have digitized the entire collection of Aggieland yearbooks and put them online, in searchable format with a nice browsing interface. Looking through the old yearbooks, reading their editorials and letters, one can get the sense of how our predecessors lived in Aggieland. Browsing the first [...]

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EmpowerID Service to Be Retired

The EmpowerID service will be retired on May 1, 2015 which means you will need to use other preferred methods to reset and change passwords.  For password resets, most users are contacting the DoIT Service Desk and moving forward this will be the preferred method to reset a forgotten password. For password changes, the best [...]

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New IT Site

Central IT recently launched a new IT site ( This is a complete redesign of the old AVPIT suite of sites into a clean, slick, visually appealing, completely responsive website, designed with usability in mind. The communications team really outdid themselves with this one.  I especially like the Services "A to Z" link which allows [...]

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Humans Need Not Apply

This is a very intriguing video about the consequences of smarter and more numerous robots. The end of the video, where the author outlines an argument for those industries which will be hit the hardest, is scary.

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ServiceNow – Early Assessment

In January, Information Technology switched to ServiceNow, an IT service management platform that is widely considered to be one of the best in the world. ServiceNow is currently used to support our incident management process (e.g., tickets) and service management (e.g., ordering, accounts, software). In the future, ServiceNow can support virtually all of the things [...]

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What is work?

It seems like a pretty basic question. But we've learned through experience that classifying our work into different categories allows us to plan our time more efficiently and document what we do resulting in greater transparency. So, what is work? Work is defined as anything that expends human resources. In IT, we divide the work [...]

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The Way Forward

It seems that lots of Tier I Universities are paying millions of dollars to consultants to assess their IT offerings and make recommendations. One example is Cornell, who had their assessment done by Bain a number of years ago. After watching this video, I was surprised by the similarity not only of our current IT situation [...]

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