March 2015

What is work?

It seems like a pretty basic question. But we've learned through experience that classifying our work into different categories allows us to plan our time more efficiently and document what we do resulting in greater [...]

April 2014

The Way Forward

It seems that lots of Tier I Universities are paying millions of dollars to consultants to assess their IT offerings and make recommendations. One example is Cornell, who had their assessment done by Bain a number [...]

February 2014

Are We Our Own Worst Enemy?

This morning, the Chronicle reported a data breach at Indiana that was a result of a file copied to the wrong folder. It included data affecting 146,000 students - BAM! The kicker was that the [...]

January 2014

Resistance is futile

The EDUCAUSE Horizon Report 2013 gives wearable computing a four to five year horizon before we begin seeing a significant showing of the technology in our hallowed halls. Checkout this video from CES this month. [...]

Where Are MOOCs Headed?

WHAM! A new article published by the Chronicle of Higher Ed recounts some serious self-appraisal from the founder of Udacity, Sebastian Thrun. It seems that MOOCs work if you already have a degree or are among [...]

October 2013

CryptoLocker Threat and Response

A new computer malware program called CryptoLocker is spreading across campus. Several individuals' computers and even some college share drives have been attacked. The program will make all of your files inaccessible and ask for [...]