Corps of Cadets FAQ

The new Corps Apps system has been deployed replacing Assembly.

How is Rank determined?

Rank is determined automatically in the Corps Apps system. This is based on the Classification/Position(s) of the Cadet.  The rank assigned to the Cadet will be based on the highest rank based on Position(s).

In Addition, the Rank is determined if the Position is an Outfit, Minor Unit, Major Unit, Corps Staff or Special Unit position.

For example, if a Cadet is assigned a position of Scholastics Sergeant (SFC) and Public Relations Sergeant (SSG), their Cadet Rank will be SFC.

How do I update my Contact Information?

On your own Cadet Profile you have the ability to update some of your information.  The non-editable (darker background) fields are updated through the Howdy portal.

Fields that can be edited by the cadet:

  • Preferred Email
  • Preferred Phone
  • Dorm Number
  • Room Number

There is a nightly process that updates TAMU Email, Permanent Address Information and Emergency Contact Information that is updated through the Howdy portal.

For updating your non-editable contact information, please use the link -> My Record -> My Information

How are permissions handled?

Permissions have changed in the new Corps Apps system.   A Cadet is granted permissions based on their Position(s).

Private information is protected by permissions and only the appropriate Key Leaders and OOC Staff can view this information.

Also, as a Cadet you have special permissions when viewing your own Profile Page.  For example, being able to see your own UIN, Permanent Address, Emergency Contact Information, etc.