EmpowerID Service to Be Retired

//EmpowerID Service to Be Retired

The EmpowerID service will be retired on May 1, 2015 which means you will need to use other preferred methods to reset and change passwords.  For password resets, most users are contacting the DoIT Service Desk and moving forward this will be the preferred method to reset a forgotten password.

For password changes, the best way is from within Windows itself and it is much easier for the user.

By pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del you are presented with a menu of options and one of the options is to change your password.  You will be asked to enter your current password and your new desired password twice.  Once you click OK, your new password is set.

DoIT understands that some users will have questions about this and you are encouraged to contact the Service Desk at 979-862-7990 to have your questions answered.

Change/Recover your Password
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